For all of you who love to explore on foot, here are our 10 favorite New Orleans walking tours. Trust us; they’re the best our city has to offer.


French Quarter Walking Tour

This French Quarter walking tour takes individuals through the French Market, Jackson Square, and the little neighborhoods of the French Quarter. It is a two hour tour, so if you have trouble walking, we recommend wearing comfortable shoes. You will meet up with your tour guide at 400 Toulouse Street and the Mississippi River, which is one block from Jackson Square. The tour guide familiarizes you with the architecture, gardens, courtyards, food, music, and art in New Orleans. Enjoy walking into the past down streets named after saints and sinners as your guide gives you a little history about the neighborhoods.

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Garden District Walking Tour

This lovely tour is a guided walking tour through the beautiful neighborhood of the Garden District. This tour includes greek revival & neoclassical architecture, passing by the outside of the beautiful mansions of celebrities, Commander’s Palace restaurant, and a stop at the Lafayette Cemetery. The guided tour will visit the Opera Guild Home, which is a historical site from 1865. A tour of the interior will be included in the tour. The mansion is also used for weddings.

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New Orleans Food and History

Explore the history New Orleans cuisine! The tour guide will talk about recipes from all the local chefs. You will have a chance to sample some of the local foods, including creole cuisines, po-boys and muffalinos and more. The tour guide will also talk about New Orleans culinary origins and the rich food.

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New Orleans: Bourbon Street VIP Pub Crawl

This is the ultimate party-goer tour in the French Quarter in New Orleans. Stop into four legendary bars with free admission and your tour guide. Get a chance to ride a mechanical bull and see how long you can stay on. Souvenir shot glasses are a great way to remember all the fun. On this tour, you will come together with other party animals from around the globe, have a great time, and meet some new friends. This tour ends at the biggest club on Bourbon Street, so don’t get too tired before you make it!

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New Orleans Original Cocktail Walking Tour

New Orleans is famous for its bars, and this cocktail tour is one way to learn more about cocktails in a fun manner. Featured on the Travel Channel, this tour begins in in the French Quarter. You’ll experience fine dining in a wine cellar at New Orleans’ oldest restaurant. You will also stop in restaurants and bars that are famous for originating some of New Orleans’s fabulous cocktails (yes, taste tests included). History with a twist. Sazerac, Pimm’s Cup, Hurricane and Hand Grenade are some of the drinks that you’ll get a chance to sample. Savor the flavor while expanding your knowledge on the history of mixology in New Orleans. Don’t drink too much, though! You want to remember the fun!

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New Orleans Ghosts and Spirits Nighttime Walking Tour

If your family wants something spooky, here is our recommendation. New Orleans Ghosts and Spirits Nighttime walking tour. This ghostly tour guides you through the dark streets of New Orleans at night. You will go into the most haunted buildings, taverns and homes in New Orleans. Some of these have been the sites of paranormal investigations. Several of the sites have been featured on the History channel and The Discovery channel. During the tour, you will learn about the horror of slavery at a slave exchange. The tour guide will tell some historical haunting tales of hotels and the courthouse. Each tour guide does their own research on the paranormal activities and spirits of the Vieux Carre, so all the tours are different. You will visit the Bourbon Hotel, formally know as the Quadroon Ballroom, which was used as an orphanage and a covenant. Maybe even encounter the spirits which have been spotted by staff and guests. Along the tour you’ll get a chance to see some objects once used in voodoo ceremonies, vampire slaying kits, and mysterious ancient tools used by spiritual residents.

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New Orleans Music and Heritage Tour

This tour is for people who want to know the music history of New Orleans. Tour groups meet up at the Louisiana Music Factory, where you will meet your tour guide, who is a producer with 20 year of experience. You will stop at the former homes of Danny Parker, Louis Armstrong and James Booker – who were legends of New Orleans. In the French Quarter and Treme neighborhood, your tour will include passing music studios, hotels and venues. Bluetooth speakers will be broadcasting blues clips as you walk the tour.

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The French Quarter Literary History Tour

Be amazed by the stories of New Orleans legendary writers. History of these writers will be revealed to you as you walk the streets and visit places they once visited. See the places where Earnest Hemingway and Truman Capote had their favorite drinks and try a cocktail for yourself. Walk to the former homes of well known authors while you listen to the history on each of them. Hear how Eudora Welty and Tennessee Williams influenced the South. Your guide will take you back in history and talk about the art and literature of Dixie Bohemia. Journey into the previous homes of literary authors and homes of Faulkner, Williams, Capote, Rebecca Wells, John Berendt, and many more. As the tour comes to an end you will get a chance to visit some well-known restaurants like the famous Napoleon House and the renowned Antoine’s Restaurant.

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New Orleans as Hollywood South

If you love films, this tour is for you. It’s a private tour of the films of the South. Get a chance to see the filming locations for movies such as Interview with a Vampire, A Streetcar Named Desire, Easy Rider, Double Jeopardy and more. Walk the French Quarter as your tour guides explain how the films were made. The locations will seemingly come to life by your tour guide’s historical film facts. The tour is a two segment tour. Most of the time you will be walking, but the tour ends driving around to locations and sightseeing where locals hangout. A licensed guide will provide full narrations about the films and locations. The tour provides transportation during the driving segments; the pick up and drop off point is Jackson Square. This tour has access to private filming locations, which is one of the perks of this tour versus other filming tours. The tour is three hours so wear comfortable shoes!

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New Orleans Treme’ Walking Tour

Tremé is America’s oldest African American neighborhood. It is filled with culture and rich music history. Your tour guide will give you insight to the roots of the New Orleaneans. There is a stop at Congo Square to explore the historical aspects of New Orleans. Get a glimpse of the musical city that people like Trombone Shorty are from.

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