Mardi gras would not be Mardi Gras without the hard work of those who put it all together. Blaine Kern studios is where it all starts. Mardi gras world is a never-ending maze of floats and characters made over the years by amazing talented creative artist who work nonstop. If you’ve never toured Mardi gras world we highly recommend it. Mardi gras world offers free shuttle buses to and from many hotels and to Harrah’s casino. They offer tours every thirty minutes starting at 9 am and starting the last tour 4 pm. Mardi gras world closes on holidays at 2 pm including Mardi Gras. Mardi gras would not be Mardi Gras without the floats and the floats take long hours of work by creative minds to be brought to life. The process is a step by step process from one station to another. The idea comes to life as it goes from just an idea on paper to the, sculpting, molding, carving out the details, and painting. Then the props and pieces of the floats are put together and the floats are brought to life.

Styrofoam boards are glued together first. Before anything happens. The sketch of the prop is sketch on the styrofoam. The styrofoam is placed in an automatic cutter, which cuts it to precision along the traced lines.

After the cutting process the artists start shaving it down to the shape of the prop.

The props are either sculpted out of clay or Styrofoam. Then they are passed to the painters. After the props are done they are placed on the floats. The floats are also made piece by piece and hand painted.